Sunday, December 14, 2008

Trident Maple transformation

My old trident has been a pleasure to grow and style . Grown form a seed in 97' i placed it in the ground for 5 years and left it as a feature tree untrained in any respect towards a bonsai . Whilst tending the garden in 02' i noticed the masive radial root system and this was going to be a bloody big Bonsai . Well over 2.7m in height i decided to give it a shot at removing it . I recall taking about 4 hours to safely remove it , cutting most of the tree down to 600mm with full on agression and trimming the roots in the same fashion . I potted the tree and this was the start to a massive Trident . This pic was taken 2 monthes ago after defolinated and trimming the branches back to the first set of leaves on the new growth . It has been trimmed and trained for around 6 years , and after a visit from my Brother who inspired me to graft off the top and make a Raft Style , Formal Upright and of course my original plan a HUGE Sumo trident . The new flush of leaves complete i have decided to take Chris's approach and graft the entire top off , the 2 outer forks will be the raft with a main tree and utilize the branches of the raft to create lesser trees , the center trunk will be an upright as the original and the base will in turn be the Sumo . The height of the Bonsai is 850mm x 650mm wide , the base of the trunk is 100mm with massive radial roots out to 350mm,however after the chop-top has been done i will attempt to layer a new rootball above but including at least 50%of the large radial roots . The angle between the raft and main tree will about 85 degrees a 30mm trunk and raft with the main tree being 400mm high . The Sumo Trident will have a trunk height of 250mm with a new base somewhere around 150mm


  1. Hi Ian well let me be the first to comment on this tree, as we talked about it last month when I was visiting, It's good to see you have started to airial layer the top of, just keep the moss moist but not to wet, you will see the white tips of the roots appear in the plastic but do not cut the top of till the buds start to appear next spring, then do some work on the roots of the old base.
    The top has come along well in the last month.
    Cheers Chris

  2. Hi Ian nice work, will look forward to seeing more photo's of this tree as it progress's along over the next few year's