Saturday, December 13, 2008

Juniper Squamata

I like working with nursury plants as they dont have a great deal of appeal when first looked at , but inside every pot lurks a potentual Bonsai . This was the case with this paticular Juniper , it had the makings of a cascade if turned over 90 degees to the growing position . However as i have 2 huge cascades {Squamata and Procumbens} i decided to try something different .
The image taken is after removing form the plastic pot and placed into an oversize Bonsai pot , i would rather have the pot too large so i dont have to root prune , merely tease the roots out and pot up . I removed the unwanted foliage to expose the trunk line , not amused with the straight trunks i wound the main around the stake in tied it securely . The horizontal base branch was also arrow straight so i used wire hooks to contort it into a multi "S " shaped form . The plant remained restrained for 4 months then the wires removed during this time i lost interest in its design . In early spring i had another look at what sort of Bonsai i could make out of this ugly-stick . A Twin Trunk was my first thought so i set about wiring the trunks in the traditional method and repotting the tree into a suitable pot . With some gentle persuasion i straightened the bottom branch turning it up to form the smaller trunk , it was looking good so i aligned the trunks with similar bends to form a mother-son or twin trunk style Bonsai . I will allow it to grow on for the next year and decide whether or not to reduce the height or to remodel it into a Literati style Twin Trunk . In the mean time i will pot up into a larger pot to allow good root run and to thicken the trunks as per placing the tree back into the ground .

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