Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Nursery stock transformation

The Aussie bush is something i grew up with . Bonsai is something i grew to love and appreciate.Nature in miniture is my expression of myself in living art , although i have little or no horticultural experience i am a keen gardener.

You either like ones art or you dont , as a self taught Bonsaist i have been inspired moreso by nature than any particular Artist .However i am motivated by many into producing Athetically pleasing trees , even the occasional grotesque monstrosity that i take some serious flak for .

I dont care to much about criticism , constuctive or not , i have continued my passion with and without success. I hope to inspire all the new Bonsaist not to give up , if you dont like it leave it and try another.

I continue to make many mistakes , but i learn valueable lessons from them.

Here is a sample of a ute load of reject trees from a nursery turned in time into bonsai.

I will endevour to show the progression from potted plant to bonsai starter/trainer to finished tree in time.As stated i'm no expert in horticulture so some misunderstandings may occur in reguards to names and species but they dont hang a man trying to inspire newcomers to the art of Bonsai

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  1. I am exited that I stumbled upon your blog! Very inspiring- I can't wait to try some bonsai myself.