Saturday, December 20, 2008

Mother Natures Fury

While Mother Nature is a beautiful thing , unseasonal summer storms are very unpredictable and capable of unlashing their fury in the most unexpected times . A hail storm dumped 20mm hail on my place and in 10 minutes it done quite a bit of damage to most of the trees that were out in the open . Stipping foliage , new shoots and small branches off all but a few sheltered under shade sails . I do have a number of trees sculptured by nature and the wildlife in the area including Kangaroo's in my backyard , this sort of hammering by hail doesn't do justice to my hard work , i have decided to cover all the Bonsai garden with Sails and Shade Cloth mainly due to the fact the climate changes are quite severe and unpridictable . I recall a hail storm with golf-ball size hail completely stripping a Trident Maple and ripping branches and bark off , my car was in the driveway and it copped a beating on the top panels . Keeping busy fertilizing with a slow release fertilizer and repositioning some trees that have been damaged .

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