Thursday, December 11, 2008

Picea Glauca -Alberta Globe transformed

This is one of the plants that has been transformed into what i call a Triple Trunk or Clump Style Bonsai . My lovely Wife has claimed this one as her own . It was like the Norway Spruce , potted in recycled tip refuse , glass , plastic , tin and all sorts of shocking stuff . The plant had serious die-back , but would only work in its favour to open the canopy into a desirable Bonsai .
With no time to waste i removed the plant from its container , removed 50% of the rootball with a handsaw as it was like a solid brick , not possible to tease the roots out hence the drastic action was taken . I repotted it after salvaging a good root mass and placed it into a deep bonsai pot . With the tree secured i went about removing the dead crown and branches to expose the multi trunks {11} in all . They appeared to be very spindally and the drastic action to remove the lesser {6} was to its benefit . I now had something to focus on , either to leave the {5} remaining trunks as a Clump Style or to further reduce it to {3} trunks and create a triple trunk . Undecided i left it to recover for 2 months then took the drastic action to remove a futher 2 trunks and the end result is a very nice Triple Trunk style Bonsai . I have since repotted the bonsai into a shallow pot and with the traditional wiring method used transformed what was a sick potted plant into what i beleive to be a fantastic Rare Bonsai as Alberta Globes are rarely used for bonsai even buy the guru's of the art . Below is the Norway Spruce described previously in its present state with the wire removed and replaced once again with wire hooks to prevent damage to the new shoots that are appearing in the 3rd flush of new growth in the last 4-5 months . And yes i'm aware of the fact that you should only remove <20%>

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