Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Coastal Redwood Landscape

I have decided to use some of the 300+redwood seedlings i have for a forest planting . The tray is not a Bonsai dish , but a 600mm saucer from an extremely large urn . I drilled 6 x 15mm holes in the outer edge for drainage , and placed mess over the holes before spreading 20mm of coarse bonsai mix around to improve drainage . Because the Redwoods like moist conditions i then added a covering af Spagnum moss to retain moisture around the roots ,covering with Bonsai mix before placing the 2 landscape volcanic rocks into position . With a choice of trees i set a feature in pots to give a guideline to the finished design .

Originally starting with 9 trees i have chosen to add a few extra to give the forest setting more depth , currently 21 trees are in position and still counting . For now i will trim and add seedlings to define the landscape . All in all i am very happy with the outcome and have decided to do another group landscape on a slab of Granite .

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