Monday, August 30, 2010

New Japanese Black Pine

This was a recent purchased from a Nursery.It was ground grown and pre trained in  trunk movement and Narebri .With the tree repotted and settled i gave it a severe trim to encourage back budding .I know these are a little difficult when it comes to back budding , hence the trimming now should stimulate growth further back alond the branches .Wiring has been done and it will now be grown on for next season.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Carved old Desert Ash "The Phantom"

This was collected a couple of years back , when a bulldozer pushed a fire break in a plantation covered in Desert Ash .Basically a split trunk with little or no root ball to speak ofInspired by this Mangrove growing on Long Island QLD i decided to carve The Phantoms Cave . Whithout thinking ahead i carved the basics and then removed the bark . This was to prove a mistake as it didn't allow for the thickness of the bark and the final finish was less than impressive , however i'm still quite happy with the end result. I trimmed the apex back down to the 2 lower branches for an intermediate style , this will alter as the new growth appears . A quick repot and added moss and rocks for a finished look .Now to wait for the new spring growth as this will determine the final outlook .Cheers