Saturday, August 1, 2009

Yamadori Black pines

Out and about after a long spell from collecting .Whilst i have gathered a few different species i have not uploaded for a while .These are a few of the trainer trees i have in the wild that have been trimmed for a couple of years , so i thought i had better get my act together and bring them home . The wild life have had a party with the trunks but they now look old and weathered .The larger pots are 250mm diameter so the trees are good quality and size . All up 8 Nigra's and a Ponderosa were retrieved in a matter of 2 hours .It has paid big dividends trimming the trees in the wild as the ramification is good to very good for the time frame apart from the Wallabies have a chew on the trunks . This is part of a large discovery of self sown Pinus Nigra Austriaca that i discovered several years ago .Some of the trees trimmed are far to big to safely remove so i will leave them to mother nature for another year to improve the root mass, they will be regularly trimmed by the wildlife in the area The Ponderosa is a nice little specimen as far as Pondarosa's go .

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