Sunday, August 9, 2009

Urban Yamadori Maple

This is the latest edition to my collection , it will be a stock tree for a couple of years for layering purposes . I purchased the tree for $15.95 basically for the trunk ,but as i arrived to dig the mother out it was so ramified on the terminals i immediately had second thoughts and decided to remove the tree complete .An excavator on site was the ruling factor as the owner offered it to lift and load the tree .We hand dug it out as the services to the house were in front and behind the trunk ..Starting at around 1.5m around the base i worked my way int to root-mass to find that it was only around 900mm x 350mm and no tap root to speak of . With a drag chain placed around the roots ,the machine simple dragged the tree into a position where he could simply sling the base and lift it into the ute . With the tree loaded i slipped extra large plastic bags over the foliage and then wrapped the canopy with shade-cloth to prevent damage from wind burn for the 4 hour trip home . The tree in all its glory measured 2800mm high 2100mm wide and has a 165mm trunk

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