Sunday, August 30, 2009

Prunus versus Stihl

This is a quick re style for my huge Plum .With a paint brush in hand i marked out the design for cutting and carving so i didn't go overboard and ruin the trunk . The design concept is for an informal upright although the trunk is potted it will of course be altered when placed into a bonsai pot .This will take place when a new root mass or Narebri is obtained . Armed with the chainsaw i used the tip to carve the curved cuts required to removed the unwanted branch stubs . With that complete the carving was quite simple , again the tip of the saw was used to scallop out the heartwood to a happy medium were a dremel could be used to smooth out the wood .

It took 2 tanks of fuel and 2 hours on the saw to remove the unwanted material and a further1 hour armed with the dremel to smooth things out . This excercise removed around 25 kg of wood and whilst it looks the part this is only the first stage of the major carving .I estimate another 20 kg of wood will come out to improve the taper shari and hollow the trunk to the desired finish

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