Sunday, August 9, 2009

Urban Yamadori Maple Part 2

With the tree safely home i set about making a large wooden box to cater for the root-ball .Using untreated pine i knocked up a box 750 x750 x300mm with large drain holes .I attached wheels to the back of the box for ease of moving when required .With the assistance of a couple of people we slid the tree out of the ute down a wet plank and into the box and potted up as per normal bonsai .The tree was then trimmed of all the access foliage and the terminals styled into future trainers where they will be layered off into starters with a view to the future.All up 16 layeres will be removed ranging from upright , windswept , slanting , twin trunk and raft .This is by far the best collected tree and the most rewarding one i have done .Cheers and Happy Bonsai

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