Sunday, June 21, 2009

Urban Yamadori Elms

My wife was returning home from work and noticed a local winery had ripped out a line of trees . Big Bonsai was the first thing that entered my thoughts , so i shot off down the road to have a sneak peek at what was happening to these trees .On investigation i notices that the elms in the front of the winery had been destroyed .So with no hesitation i located the office and asked if they would mind if i could have some of the trunks . The head gardener said they were all smashed up by the excavator but i could help myself to as many as i wanted . Like a big kid in a lolly shop i took a good look and noticed that although the tops were snapped off the trunks were usable . I immediately began loading trunks after removing most of the soil. Elm after Elm went into the trailer, then i spotted Japanese Maples they too went on board . Continuing down the row i came across a Golden Atlas Cedar , yes I'll have that too . Very content with my quick work , 7 Elms , 4 Maples and a Cedar i headed home . Out of the corner of my eye i noticed at the rear of the winery more trees had been removed . The next morning i returned to gather more big Elms ,2 hours later i had collected 2 Dozen trunks . These were the easiest trunks i have ever collected , no need to dig these out just remove the excess soil and load aboard .Now all i had to do was to plant them into the ground .Root trimming was required and into the ground they went. At the end of the day 31 Elms , 4 Maples and a Golden atlas cedar were collected in 3 hours . A new chainsaw will be next on the list of "must haves" to carve these big trunks into something resembling big Bonsai trainers.

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