Monday, June 1, 2009

The Ultimate Mugo

This Swiss Mountain Pine "Mugo" were discovered on a Bush walking outing with my wife and the Kids . They chose to take the easy trail and a i navigated my way around the Deer and Wallaby tracks . After 4 hours of trekking through the bush ,"I'm sure they thought i was lost" i had found several very impressive Yamadori Mugo's . My unpaid apprentices "Bamby and Skippy" had been randomly trimming for decades to produce this once in a life time find . Over the coarse of several months i have fertilized and watered these pines and now they have been safely removed and are in my shade house . This Bonsai will need only minor trimming and wiring to improve on the wild- life styling . This find is a result of numerous Softwood test plots here in the N.E dating back to the 1920's when Cedars , Redwoods and various pines were being trialed

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