Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Update on broom style Trident Maple

This is a re pot and restyle of the central leader i air layered off the huge Trident Maple shown in a previous topic . The trunk was blunt at the centre of the branches so i carved and scalloped a taper into the center to improve the overall appearance . With the carving complete i set the tree into a small off-white rectangle pot spreading the nice root mass radially around the base . The trunk base is 60mm in diameter and it has a nice taper . I then wired the branches and shaped the tree into a pleasing informal broom style .Whilst the branches are quite leggy i will reduce them before winters end . The canopy when in leaf will be open and airy with the flowing trunk and branches partially exposed . All in all a good result from a layer taken a few months ago . The original huge bonsai was in training for well over 6 years giving this Trident an age of approximately 12+years old .

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