Friday, June 12, 2009

Juniper Sabina - Savin Juniper transformed

This was a nursery plant i purchased 6-7 months ago for $10 at a throw out sale. It was old and rough but i liked the shape for a cascade or semi cascade . I removed the plant and sliced the root ball 6-8 times vertically to a depth of about 30mm with a sharp clean knife . Then with a Bonsai root rack i teased the top of the root mass and over potted it into a planter bag . The exercise on the roots relieves the pressure on the pot bound roots/ tree immediately.

It was placed in the garden for about 6 months while i pondered other tasks . With a healthy looking plant at my disposal i have decided to transform this ordinary plant into something that will grace my collection. I have considered may styles for this particular plant settling on a informal upright /slanting style .Pics here show the plant from the front , back and side view after removing from the training bag and root trimmed . I then potted the trainer into a larger than normal pot to assist wiring and styling . I removed the lowest branch with roots attached for a future trainer and potted it up .

With the plant wired to the pot at the base i then began wiring the main trunk with heavy gauge aluminium wire , 2 wires for the lower trunk and a single full length wire from the bottom to the top . Instantly the shape of a Bonsai trainer begins to emerge as the main trunk is straightened into the upright position. Using the same wire i wired the main lower branches , choosing to remove another small lower branch and a side shoot leaving long stubs . These will add character to the finished Bonsai as a jin . With the larger branches wired the shape is progressing , the top smaller branches and branchlets are then wired . This now has the look of a quality Bonsai starter .After5 hours of wiring and trimming of the foliage daylight had run out . I used this time to study the trainer under different light and decided to remove the lower 2 branches back to long stubs to improve the base and enhance the jin effect that i was looking for .Using a guide wire attached to the pot base and spiralled around the mid-upper portion of the trunk i then grasp the wire with a pair of pliers and twist which in turn pulls the trunk down and increases the movement and flowing lines of the lower part of the tree. The top is simply bent and twisted with the aid of the full length wire it will hold its position . The Bonsai starter is now finished and will be allowed to rest for a week or two then the Jins will be carved and the trainer will be potted into a smaller pot and allowed to grow on . The void on the left lower section of the trunk is where the final movement will end up . A further 10-15 degrees of bend will be placed on the lower trunk to enhance the design of the Informal Upright / Slanting Style that i have planned on .All up a very pleasing design and another good quality Bonsai Starter .

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