Friday, January 2, 2009

Yamadori Pine Transformed

This has been a dream to transform from a ordinary roadside chop-top pine to a very good informal upright in training. Ifirst removed the unwanted stub which was the original leader until the council attempted to kill a few self sown wildlings , they miss by that much . With pines if you dont cut below the bottom branch they will re-shoot quite aggressively as in this case . The 3rd branch from the top had become the new leader so less work for me . Removing the stub and the upper branches except for the one on the original trunk which i will use to balance the tree . Using a coping saw i removed a large ' V" from between the new leader and the upper branch on the main trunk , making sure the " V" would match both sides to ensure a good graft . I then contoured 2 10x3mm aluminium splints to suit the trunk and gently clasped them with vice grips to hold firm while i set about fastening cable ties round the splints and trunk . Removing the pliers i then applied the wire x3 to the trunk , inserting 2 solid brass screws into the trunk to secure the graft together for extra security as the cable ties will be remove in a year or two , the screws will remain hence only" solid brass" or" stainless "screws should be used . Coated screws leech and kill most host trees . With the trunk graft secure i set about bending the trunk into the desired shape and "hey presto" one excellent quality bonsai trainer,i will allow it to grow on until winter when i will look at fine tuning the branch stucture

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