Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Himalayan Cedar Cedrus Deodora

This was a simple transformation of 2 young Cedars of different ages into a very good Bonsai starter . I simply removed a sliver of bark at the base of each trunk to allow a veneer graft of the trunks to occur . I placed duct tape over the veneer then using cable ties i secured the bases together to produce a Twin trunk style tree .

With the base secure i then simply wired each individual trunk into the desired shape to represent a Mother / Son style Bonsai . I then trimmed the branches to a more uniform length to suit the design intended . Whilst Deodora's are probably not the best tree to use for this type of Bonsai , i am very happy to step outside the boundaries of the normal rules . Rules are only guidelines and i like to break the rules , if i had to obey them i wouldn't do Bonsai .

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