Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Acer Palmatum Windswept/Slanting style

I have here a Mountain Maple {Acer Palmatum} that i picked up at a market for $3.00 it has been broken many times at the ends of the branches , but it does have an interesting upper trunk due mainly to the damage it has endured . Possibly a 4-5 year old neglected seedling .

I removed it from the pot to discover the trunk has a severe 90 degree bend with a poor quality forked root ball that has obviously dried out and recovered numerous times . I trimmed the old hard roots x 3 without damaging the fibre roots as it is the wrong time to root prune , and placed it into a deeper the usual pot to assist in improving the root mass . I will at a later date place a wire tourniquet around the base to stimulate and grow a new root ball . With the tree potted , i simply removed the downward facing branches and removed the unwanted shoots to produce the desired Slanting Style .

Minimal wiring will be required to stimulate the design as the branching is random along the trunk and with the zig-zag already in the upper trunk , i think i will just semi defoliate and see what happens over the next few weeks . I sure this simple trainer will make a quality Bonsai .

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