Sunday, January 11, 2009

Yamadori Pine No 2

This was the result of some inspiration and design by my Brother . Chris has done many courses with some great talented Bonsai-ist . I had in mind to keep them as informal upright or slanting styles , Chris had a more challenging approach to the overall design .

In the finish the results of Chris's years of classes and discussion groups has paid off , i chose to challenge myself to create from a simple drawing to this finished trainer . In future i will endeavour to study the tree to be trained from several different outlooks .

With drawing in hand i set about removing the lower branches , working up the trunk to the stub i cut a taper from the top to the trunk . Then using the saw i cut a vertical slit down below the intersection of the trunk and stub . Using a wooden wedge i then spread the stub to enable wire to be inserted to assist bending and flaring the stub to represent jinned branches .

With the jins wired , i set about trimming unwanted branches to the drawings . Undercutting of the leader was required {removing a small wedge from underneath the branch} to assist bending of the thick trunk at a severe angle and with the wires ready i set the wires and bent the trunk into the desired shape . With such pressure on the undercut branches i have had to over wire the trunk {very untidy} but affective as any movement at the cuts will affect the healing process of the wounds . My NEW trainer is something special, thanks to Chris .

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