Monday, May 10, 2010

Trident Maple root over rock wrap and strap

This is a similar method to a Pheonix Graft without a trunk or base to start with . I first carve grooves into a nice piece of volcanic rock . These will accomodate the roots for the feature required. Using about 30 whips i gather half of them a place into a reasonable order having the roots in the desired areas necessary for the arrangement over the rock then tie off with string .Placing the trunk over the rock i then place the roots into the grooves as desired and then secure to the rock with more string .Adding more whips into the gaps until all is full spreading the finer roots of the first lot of seedlings i place the remainder of the larger roots into the grooves .Then with string attach securely to the rock . Remove the first string that held the whips together and with another wind around the gathered seedlings to form the shape of the desired curve/profile you are seeking .If the curves are pre set they tend to take the stress off the whips rather than trying to bend later .Continue his all the way up to the apex , placing a fork or devision into the trunks .Wrap with heavy wire and style the tree prior tto potting .I used a pupose made split pot for surrounding the roots and rock and added a shade cloth sleeve to ensure there was enough soil to completely cover the roots

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