Monday, May 10, 2010

Atlas Cedar - Cedrus Atlantica

These were collected tree with no real character at the time of collection , my thoughts at the time were Why Bother. I did and now i'm impressed with the resulting progression of the 2 trees . Originally potted into a 350 mm planter bag the repotted into this pot as a trainer . The mix in which these 2 resided in was 60% soft red scoria and 40 % old aged pine bark both sieved from 8 mm minus and washed to remove the dust and fines ..The resulting root growth is testament to this potting mix for pines and Cedars . The roots were all but non existant and i doubted these would survive . I applied the wire prior to repotting and position the branches using a hook and hold method that has countless advantages over conventional wiring . Shade cloth slings are placed over the branches to prevent any damage and the hooks are attached to these .While they don't look fantastic , i'm not into making "pretty boy trainers" if it work and works well i use it .With the trees repoted i attached a trunk block and prop to aid in the trunk bending .These will now rest for a few weeks before a trim and style takes place

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