Sunday, May 2, 2010

Trident Maple Pheonix Graft

This has been in the pipe line for some time . I decided to make a Sumo out of a stump and seedlings . I have carved the stump to produce a tree that appears to be hit by lightning . Carving numerous grooves into the base in a spiral fashion will aid holding the whips in line . I simply stapled the base of the 6-8mm plants with a staple gun to the stump then added smaller ones in between the gaps of the first layer A quick wrap around the roots with soft wire to hold it firm.Then i removed the leaves before i spiraled the whips around the stump and up to the apex securing again with soft wire . With all the seedlings in place i began to wrap the entire trunk from the bottom using grafting tape to form a solid jacket from which the fushion of the stems should take place .

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