Thursday, July 22, 2010

Collected Pinus Nigra-Austrian Pine

This was discovered a couple of years ago , it was a chop top after the Plantation corp workers left a shoot behind during roadside clearing .All it takes is a shoot or bud to start the regrowth process .I collect many chop tops as the trunks are formed and aged ,the only drawback is reverse taper which is not always an issue .This specimen has little or no taper .It was vertical when discovered however a Bulldozer used for clearing a fire break ran over the trunk and fractured the branch Over time it has healed and when collected it was almost parrellel to the ground .It lent itself to a cascade and hence the design was set .The severed top is healing quite well, a sacrafice branch was purposely left to aid the healing process .A close look at the chopped section still shows the chainsaw cut in the older wood .Because of the trimming that has taken place in the bush i semi styled this tree into a cascade starter 2 days after collecting . The dozer had obviously severed the tap root as removal was incredibly easy and a root-mass that you could only achieve in a training situation .

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