Sunday, August 15, 2010

Carved old Desert Ash "The Phantom"

This was collected a couple of years back , when a bulldozer pushed a fire break in a plantation covered in Desert Ash .Basically a split trunk with little or no root ball to speak ofInspired by this Mangrove growing on Long Island QLD i decided to carve The Phantoms Cave . Whithout thinking ahead i carved the basics and then removed the bark . This was to prove a mistake as it didn't allow for the thickness of the bark and the final finish was less than impressive , however i'm still quite happy with the end result. I trimmed the apex back down to the 2 lower branches for an intermediate style , this will alter as the new growth appears . A quick repot and added moss and rocks for a finished look .Now to wait for the new spring growth as this will determine the final outlook .Cheers

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