Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Unorthadox trunk bending

This is a method i have began to use to bend and shape larger trunks that have failed to hold with normal wiring procedures . With 25 years experience with wearing back and body braces for spinal correction i came to the conclusion if it works on the human spine it should brace and hold a tree trunk long enough for the tree to maintain the movement required for good Bonsai. Using hard drawn cooper tubing i loosely spiral wrap the trunk and the tube as one . Then i simply bend the copper tube to the desired shape and with the strength of the hardened copper the shape is maintained without constant adjustment.This means less stress on the trunks and the fibres/cells within .After 2 weeks i have noticed a relaxing of the trunks so an adjustment of the wire is simply done by unraveling the bottom half , tensioning then rewinding .Then repeat for the top half . . This Literati pine is spiral wrapped in the conventional method taking 4 times longer to apply and no where near as effective as the implimentation of the copper tube . It requires constant adjusting so there is always stress on the cells inside.I will remove this wire and replace with the copper brace method .

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