Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Trident transformation

This is an update on the Trident Maple i decided to layer the top off . With some ideas from my brother i aerial layered the top for a Raft and a Broom style with the trunk turned into a Sumo Trident.I set the air layer in mid December 2008 and i mid January i decided to improve the radial roots at the base , so i carved the base , painted with hormone gel and raised the soil level in the tray .

In mid April i chose to remove the top layer as the root mass was huge , "the size of a foot ball" . With the top remove i then removed the center trunk for the Broom style and repotted all 3 plants into new containers. Minor root pruning too place on the Sumo trunk to downsize the container and a small trim to the tips of the other trees. Then using the hook and hold wiring roughly shaped the Raft. I will allow them to settle in and severely prune the canopies into shape in winter .

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